Linde+Larsen wins procurement for the Swedish Police

Linde+Larsen wins procurement for the Swedish Police. 

At the end of 2020, Linde+Larsen, a leading supplier and manufacturer of packaging and foam solutions, won a large procurement of rugged watertight cases with specially adapted foam furnishings for the National Forensic Center in Sweden (NFC).

 Comments from Antonio Berntsson, Sales Manager Sweden at Linde+Larsen:

“It was a narrow and hard specified requirements specification from NFC. With specific requirements for both cases and the interior and protective foam solution.

At L+L, we have a long and solid knowledge of packaging. Therefore, we were able to quickly adapt the procured unit’s needs and area of ​​use and present a cost-effective solution.

One that led to us, together with partners in Sweden, winning the procurement of 2+2 years as the only company that met all the requirements.”

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