Pick N Pluck foam – Dividers – TrekPak – Wheelsets – Lid Organizer – Wirelocks – Panel Frame

Pick N 'Pluck Foam

Peli™ Pick N ‘Pluck Foam
With pluck foam, you can customise your Peli™ case exactly to your products. The foam board is divided into small squares which may easily be plucked out. Place the item in question on top of the raster foam and draw an outline around the item. You can then to pluck or easily cut away the desired material using a stanley knife.


Peli™ Padded Dividers
With the padded dividers, you can safely transport your sensitive equipment. Peli™ dividers can be adjusted quickly and easily with the fitted Velcro straps.

Peli TrekPack™

Peli’s™ exclusive TrekPak™

system allows you to customise your Peli™ case with the precision your equipment deserves.
You will be surprised at how much more gear you can get into your Peli™ case. With a thickness of only 11 mm, these rugged panels provide a precise protective grid without wasting space. Combined with the enclosed 25 mm high bottom foam as well as the burl foam in the lid, the TrekPak system provides 360° protection.

Panel Frame´s

Attach your products inside the waterproof case.
With Panel frame you get a frame which is fastened internally to the Peli ™ box, allowing for easy assembly of the desired item.

Lid Organizers

Peli™ Lid organizer
Do you need storage space for smaller parts in your Peli™ case. Insert the Peli™ Top insert into the lid of your suitcase and create more space and an easy overview of your loose parts.

Wheelsets and loose wheels

Peli™ Wheel Kit
Easily mount your purchased Peli™ wheels when transporting larger Peli™ cases.

Bag with dividers

Slidstærk polstret taske med gummibelagt håndtag, robust lynlås og velcrolukning.
Tag nemt det nedpakkede udstyr ud af Explorer casen og trygt videre i Explorer tasken.