Explorer Cases

The Explorer Case™ has been manufactured since 1970 in Italy and the manufacturer GT Line is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of waterproof and shock-proof transport cases. The quality of the Explorer Case™ is among the best on the market and is designed to be used for harsh transport and in harsh environments. If you are transporting sensitive equipment, you can safely select the Explorer Case™. This suitcase has been tested in strict quality conditions with great focus on all the manufacturing processes. That is why Explorer Cases offer a lifetime warranty on all its products. Moreover, the trunks are IP67-approved.

The Explorer Case™ is well-suited for military, the medico, audio-film, photo and TV industries, for divers, for shipping, industry and the security industry.

The Explorer Case™ is suitable for the mounting of foam installations, outgoing connectors and electronics. If you are to transport sensitive and expensive equipment, choosing this type of suitcase makes good sense.

  • IP67 approved.
    Explorer cases ™ has a lifetime Guarantee on all its products.