Woody Box ™ open boxes, choose between Metal Edge or Beech Edge.

Woody Box™ is manufactured in high-quality birch plywood with galvanized metal hinges and corners. The plywood cases are stocked in many standard sizes so you can easily find a wooden box that fits your need.
The birch plywood is lacquered to give a nice, glossy surface finish which also makes the surface moisture and dirt repellent.
Woody Box™ plywood cases are designed to handle demanding transportation and storage tasks. Woody Box™ is available at a very competitive price and can be supplied with a coded padlock for secure locking.

If you are need a plywood box that does not exist in the large standard range of Woody Box™, it is possible to especially manufacture it in the desired dimensions.

If you want a logo on your Woody Box™, we can easily print it in high quality.

Metal top edges
50 Metal350 x 250 x 130 mm
52 Metal350 x 250 x 230 mm
54 Metal550 x 350 x 230 mm
56 Metal550 x 350 x 330 mm
58 Metal550 x 350 x 430 mm
60 Metal750 x 550 x 430 mm
Plywood top edges
50 Plywood350 x 250 x 130 mm
52 Plywood350 x 250 x 230 mm
54 Plywood550 x 350 x 230 mm
56 Plywood550 x 350 x 330 mm
58 Plywood550 x 350 x 430 mm
60 Plywood750 x 550 x 430 mm