Foam solutions - Packaging

Linde+Larsen, we are specialists in Packaging foam installations.
Packaging foam installations are designed according to your products and are manufactured easily and quickly.
We have more than 30 years of personal experience with foam inserts and deliver to all industries and trades.
We work directly and indirectly with B-to-B across industries and deliver directly and indirectly via wholesalers. We expect to be met by ever-increasing customer demands for quality, innovation, flexibility, service and understanding of the primary needs of the customer.
These are essential and direct values from which we already work.

Contact us for a non-commmital offer


Step 1:
Tel. interview
The customer calls and makes an appointment for the meeting


Step 2:
The Meeting,
We take a non-committal conversation and clarify your wishes.


Step 3:
R&D department
Drawing up a drawing so that we make sure there are no misunderstandings.


Step 4:
After approval of the drawing, production of the customer’s special foam solution starts.


Step 5:
The custom foam solution is mounted by L + L’s own professionals, who have many years of experience and ensures a professional end result.


Step 6:
The custom foam solution is approved and delivered to the customer.

Linde + Larsen are specialists in everything to do with foam installations. We have more than 30 years‘ experience with producing waterjet-cut foam installations, special installation of storage pockets and inserts – A significant knowhow which ensures that all our customers receive the correct quality solution.

If you wish to store your products, please contact us and we will help you create the solution you want.