HPRC Cases

HPRC Case™ is a lightweight, quality transport and storage case which is waterproof and resistant to dust, moisture, acids and sand. A unique design which makes the HPRC Case™ extremely resistant to shock and falls. As storage cases, HPRC Cases™ provide unmatched protection.
Throughout the manufacturing process, the HPRC Case™ has been subjected to rigorous tests based on internationally recognized standards such as ATA 300, IP67, STANAG 4280, DS 81-41 CASE.
The HPRC Case™ is well-suited for the military, medico, audio-film, photo and TV industries, for divers, for shipping, industry and the security industry.
– Supplied with ergonomic handle made from PP SEBS material and a steel pin
– Fitted with an automatic valve that automatically adjusts the air pressure inside
– An internal O-ring made of neoprene PA66 makes the case completely waterproof.

The HPRC Case™ comes with a lifetime warranty.

The HPRC Case™ is suitable for mounting foam installations, outgoing connectors and electronics. If you are to transport sensitive and expensive equipment, choosing this type of suitcase makes good sense.