Woody Pak

Foldable plywood boxes design to meet your needs.


Woody Pak is a superior solution for export shipments due to its strong and lightweight design. Long term storage and use works great as the plywood can handle changing climatic conditions over time without loosing strength.

A nail-less plywood packaging solution



Woody Pak is a nail-less and foldable plywood box solution that takes up minimal storage space and is very easy to assemble. ExPak is a superior solution for export shipments, long-term storage, and due to its strong, lightweight design.


Woody Pak can be assembled without the use of nails, making it an easier, safer process for your workers.


With a beautifully smooth outer surface, Woody Pak is easy to print on and perfect for giving your brand recognition a boost.


Woody Pak solutions are designed to optimize cost within your supply chain, leading to savings in total cost.

A strong solution


Linde+Larsen offers several different types of Woody Paks — ranging from smaller, one-unit boxes to larger solutions with up to six separate pieces, all foldable for ease of storage and transportation. Regardless of the type, each is made with a combination of plywood and galvanized steel profiles, which functions as hinges that help give the Woody Pak its high strength and flexibility.


Easy to assemble

High stacking strength

Complies with IPPC

Woody Pak For all types of applications

Woody Pak is well-suited for valuable, heavy-weight and fragile goods, as well as a variety of more specific applications. Since its material composition gives it a lightweight advantage, Woody Pak is a prime choice over heavier packaging products for air shipments. Woody Pak is appropriate for export packaging in harsh conditions in general, and can be certified for dangerous goods shipments as well. Woody Pak is very adaptable overall, and can be easily customized according to customer specifications and requirements.

Variations of Woody Pak

There are different versions of the Woody Pak concept to suit different needs, as shown below.

Woody Pak A

Woody Pak P

Woody Pak S

Woody Pak XL