Heavy case 4003

Dimensions: 275 × 195 × 130 mm

Item no. H 4003

The standard colours are black, red, anthracite, silver grey, dark blue, blue, yellow.

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Heavy Case is manufactured through two manufacturing processes, injection moulding and blow moulding. This process gives Heavy Case a unique design that has never been found on the market before.

This suitcase has double walls for maximum stability and strength at a competitive price.
This robust construction makes the Heavy Case suitable as a heavy-duty case or as a sales and demo case.
Suitcase sizes vary from small to large.

The rubber handle ensures comfortable handling and the suitcase can be stacked securely and easily on top of others. Heavy Case also comes with a trolley function.

Heavy Case is suitable for protecting fragile items and for product storage and as presentation cases.
Heavy Case often comes with a logo, providing optimum display of company or product names.

All Heavy Case models are available in 7 different colours where case and hinge colours can be combined as desired.
The standard colours are black, red, anthracite, silver grey, dark blue, blue, yellow.

Linde + Larsen are specialists in everything to do with foam installations. We have more than 30 years of experience with producing waterjet-cut foam installations, special installation of storage pockets and inserts – A significant knowhow which ensures that all our customers receive the correct quality solution.
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Weight1,000 kg
Dimensions275 × 195 × 130 mm
Exterior size

300 x 275 x 140 mm

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