Peli Classic V rack 5U, 33″

Dimensions: 838 × 222 mm

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Rack Depth: 838 mm
Front Lid Depth: 64 mm
Back Lid Depth: 133 mm

Peli’s extra-robust, roto-moulded Classic Rack Cases™ have proven their strength thousands of times by saving sensitive equipment from damage during transportation.
Nothing protects better than a Peli Classic Rack Case™.

Peli Classic Rack Cases ™ are ideal for rack-mounted precision testers, equipment for electro-mechanical, medical and biological diagnosis, meteorological instruments. Often used for broadcast and video equipment, laboratory equipment, servers, military command and control equipment and flight simulators. The best shock and vibration protection on the market for equipment from 9 – 154 kg.

Available in sizes 3U, 4U, 5U, 7U and 9U
High-strength steel-rack frame mounted in 3U – 5U which can handle equipment from 36 – 45kg
High-strength steel-rack frame mounted in 7U – 9U which can handle equipment from 45 – 77kg
Butterfly locks ensure the secure locking of the rack case during transport
Black stainless-steel handle
Moulded stacking ribs allow for secure stacking with other Peli Classic-V series
Brackets for the removable lids for hanging on the side of the Rack case during use
Choice of SAE 10-32 or Metric M6 clip nuts
Sealed gaskets and PRV ensure that Peli Racks are waterproof and eliminate vacuum
4 removable, 90mm, heavy base wheels ensure easy transport
Equipment will typically have 15-30 G fragility
REACH and RoHS compatible

Weight 25,4 kg
Dimensions 838 × 222 mm
Front låg mm


Bag låg mm


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