Peli Hardigg Rifle Case M16-4

Dimensions: 1138 × 864 × 470 mm

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Item no. 472-M4-M16-4

Peli Hardigg Rifle Case M16-4

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For more than half a century, Peli-Hardigg engineers have proudly developed unique solutions for US military transportation needs.
Peli’s™ innovative products ensure that sensitive equipment can travel through hostile environments and arrive intact and ready for use. The workings of many waterproof Peli cases have been tested for harsh environments such as combat situations. With the development of the many unique solutions, the testing of new materials and continuously improved design based on user feedback, Peli™ has been able to manufacture this range of robust, waterproof cases which proudly meet the tough military requirements. Safe inside, your gear is protected from damage due to falls, while the rib design allows you to stack the waterproof cases.
When opening a Peli-Hardigg Mobile Military case, you can be sure to find the packed equipment in the same condition as when it was shipped.


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Weight 41,3 kg
Dimensions 1138 × 864 × 470 mm