Peli ProRack™ 6U, 18″

Dimensions: 457 mm

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Item no. PR2012-01/18/01

Rack Depth: 457 mm
Front Lid Depth: 46 mm
Back Lid Depth: 46 mm

Peli ProRack™ cases are the ideal solution when you need a lightweight, space-saving, front-and-rear opened rack case, without a shock-mounted system.
This is the toughest series of compact cases available for safety, rain, immersion, dust and impact.

Often used in broadcasts where installed amplifiers and electronic, medical or test equipment components need complete protection.

Designed for equipment up to 75 kg
Typical equipment fragility of 80-120 G

Weight 10,89 kg
Dimensions 457 mm
Front låg mm


Bag låg mm


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