Peli single lid case IS4517-1103W

Dimensions: 1143 × 432 × 356 mm

Item no. IS4517-1103W

Peli single lid case AL1010-0905

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For more than 40 years, Hardigg Single Lid Cases have been a trusted supplier for military units worldwide. Peli Single Lid cases offer 20% more protection at edges and corners. This provides complete protection to valuable equipment during transportation, even in the most demanding environments.
Single Lid cases are available in many different sizes and can be produced in many variations, e.g. with moisture indicator, card holder, combination lock, pallet feet, etc.
Peli Hardigg products are subject to the famous Peli lifetime warranty.


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Weight 17,24 kg
Dimensions 1143 × 432 × 356 mm
Låg dybde mm


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