Peli Storm iM2275TP TrekPack system f/iM2275

Dimensions: 690 × 430 × 155 mm

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Item no. IM2275-TREK

Peli Storm iM2275TP TrekPack system f/iM2275

Peli’s exclusive TrekPack system allows you to customise your Peli storm case with the precision your equipment deserves.
You will be surprised at how much more gear you can get into your Peli storm case. With a thickness of only 11 mm, these rugged panels provide a precise protective grid without wasting space. Combined with the enclosed 25 mm high bottom foam as well as the burl foam in the lid, the TrekPack system provides 360° protection.

The TrekPack system uses pre-installed wall sections, dividers, locking pins and a cutting tool.
Load the equipment into the Peli storm case, measure up, begin the cutting of the divider sections and lock them securely in place with the provided steel U-pins. Extra divider sections are included to allow you to configure your dividers at any time.

The results are impressive.
The sections are made from waterproof, sealed cell foam laminated onto rigid corrugated paper.
Light, strong and almost impossible to tear, these panels will keep your gear safe for years.

Lengthwise trimming of dividers is carried out quickly and safely.
TrekPack’s exclusive double-bladed cutting tool has a centre guide.

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Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 690 × 430 × 155 mm

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