Linde+Larsen offers a 100% plant-based packaging foam

Linde+Larsen present their next environment friendly foam type EcoFoam

EcoFoam is 100% environment friendly, it is biodegradable and compostable. EcoFoam can protect products and goods during transport, at the same terms as the traditional plastic packaging foam for some purposes.

“In January this year, we presented our first PE recycled foam type PE22RE (minimum 65% recycled), and at same time we said that as a responsible converter and expert in packaging, we would continue to reduce the use of plastic in packaging. Now, 2 months later, we can present our first 100% plant-based packaging foam”.

EcoFoam can replace the traditional plastic packaging foam in several projects

“EcoFoam is resistant and absorbing like the traditional plastic packaging foam at the right conditions. At the same time, EcoFoam is perfect for discharge-sensitive products and resistant to thermal fluctuations. Many of our customers focus on sustainability, and with the great attention that PE22RE received on the market, we are confident that EcoFoam will be a great success with our customers,”.

EcoFoam is an ISO 14000 certified foam type which consists of premium quality proprietary starch. EcoFoam is biodegradable in various environments as per ASTM D5988 (soil), ASTM D5338/ISO14855 (composting) and ASTM D6691 (aqueous and marine). If EcoFoam is being disposed in one of these environments, the foam will be the nutrient / food source for the microorganisms and enter the microbial food chain.

EcoFoam meets all standards for biodegradability in soil and water-based environments set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Linde+Larsen continues the green journey

“We will continue to have focus on sustainability and be a leader in sustainability. We want to be the professional partner who not only can make the perfect packaging solution for protection of our customers products. We will also be able to meet our customers’ demands for sustainability, without compromising on protection,”.

Linde+Larsen is Europe’s leading manufacturer of interiors for cases and boxes fitted with foam materials. Linde+Larsen has more than 30 years of personal competence in technical foam for all types of interiors in cases and boxes.

NordicFoam – By Linde + Larsen is a subdivision of Linde+Larsen and will be the leader in technical foam for many segments, including packaging foam for purposes other than cases and boxes.

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