Work it out The Art Museum of Modern Art Aalborg has great success with their exhibition “Work it out”, which focuses on the working life of the future. “Work it Out” won the Bikuben Foundation's exhibition award, Vision 2018, for an exhibition idea that thematizes a highly topical topic, and at the same time rethinks [...]
By Mark Fontaineon Dec 8, 2021
Meet One of the men behind your Linde+Larsen solutions Ove Weiss is our Key Account Manager in Technical Solution. Ove has more than 25 years of experience in selling technical solutions for industrial products. In his +25 years, Ove has built up knowledge and has become a specialist in vibration, sound attenuation and protection. In [...]
By Mark Fontaineon Nov 4, 2021
Foam waste creates value for the National Museum of Denmark.  Linde+Larsen continues their sustainability program and delivers foam waste to the National Museum of Denmark. The initiative began after the Museum contacted Linde+Larsen to investigate the possibility of a foam type that could be used for all their art. A foam that must not damage [...]
By Mark Fontaineon Jun 29, 2021
LIFE Mobil Lab The science education initiative, LIFE, has a mobile laboratory with foam solutions from Linde+Larsen and NordicFoam by Linde+Larsen. At the end of 2020, the Novo Nordisk Foundation came with the big news, that the LIFE Foundation is being established as an independent foundation. Who is the LIFE FOUNDATION? LIFE stands for Learning, [...]
By Mark Fontaineon Mar 17, 2021
Linde+Larsen present their next environment friendly foam type EcoFoam EcoFoam is 100% environment friendly, it is biodegradable and compostable. EcoFoam can protect products and goods during transport, at the same terms as the traditional plastic packaging foam for some purposes. “In January this year, we presented our first PE recycled foam type PE22RE (minimum 65% [...]
By Mark Fontaineon Mar 9, 2021
During this time, we must all take on a great deal of social responsibility, but at the same time we must also remember to focus on environmental responsibility. Over the years, we have been asked about alternatives to foam plastic packaging solutions and how to handle the waste of foam plastic. We are very aware [...]
By Mark Fontaineon Jan 15, 2021