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Linde+Larsen is the leading manufacturer of long-term and short-term packaging solutions in Scandinavia.
We have more than 30 years of personal experience in converted foam for all types of interiors and other technical purposes.
Based on our experiences, we advise on materials and design of projects within any industry.

NordicFoam by Linde+Larsen is a part of Linde+Larsen where we primarily work with foam for technical solutions.
“We always produce in the highest quality, and our creative solutions are always delivered at a competitive level. We work to be the ones that others are looking for to find inspiration.

To show and tell more about who we are, we will in the future work with different ambassadors who have the same requirements, values ​​and professionalism as us,”.

hris Minh Doky – The legendary jazz bassist, composer, and producer.

Chris Minh Doky comes from a Danish/Vietnamese musical family, and at the age of only 6 year, Chris started playing the piano. In high school, Chris found love for electric and acoustic bass, which has since become his living. Today, Chris is known for his warm and melodic playing, which he performs, on the international jazz scene.

Chris Minh Doky, one of the best ambassadors for jazz in Denmark, and at the age of just 52, he has already become a legend in Jazz.

“Chris Minh Doky is the jazz musician that most Danes know, even if you are not a jazz lover. Chris’ ability to share his love of music, and especially jazz, has undoubtedly made him the legend he is today. As soon as you meet Chris and/or hear his music, there is no doubt that he is a detail-oriented jazz geek who loves music and every single component. Nothing about Chris is left to coincidences, neither when he composes, produces, plays jazz or his equipment. That is why we are a good match, and we are pleased to be able to present Chris Minh Doky as our newest ambassadors,”.

The impossible puzzle.

“For over 30 years I have been touring all over the world with my bass, and I have had many different cases, and they have had several things in common – square, lack of detail and edge. My old cases were functional, and protected my beloved bass, but there was room for an upgrade,” says Chris Minh Doky.

Chris Minh Doky has previously had cases from Duchcases, which has since become part of the Linde+Larsen family, after Linde + Larsen acquired Duchcases in 2012.

“I have known Linde+Larsen for a long time, but I did not know that Linde+Larsen is a total supplier within cases. Linde+Larsen does not sell a square case with standard foam. Linde+Larsen is the first mover as a gear/case-maker, as I see it. Linde+Larsen and I have the same love for our work, we love to share our experience and the smallest detail is always well thought out ”, says Chris.

To Chris Minh Doky, Linde+Larsen has delivered several cases, and all reflect his love of detail and music. Chris’ case’s priority is to protect his valuable equipment, and at the same time optimize the space in his cases – all wrapped up in a nice personal design.

In 2020, Linde+Larsen expanded their business with Nordic Foam by Linde+Larsen, which designs and produces foam for technical solutions. In this way, Linde+Larsen can offer their customers a total solution in gaskets, insulation, simple foam packaging and specially designed cases in the highest quality.

“When I perform with other jazz lovers, there is a lot of equipment that has to be packed down after a big concert. I understand that the techniques that both set up and pack our equipment can be confused about which equipment is going where, because all cases are similar. After all, they collect a puzzle in the blind, which is both time-consuming and small things like plugs etc. get lost. But with my new cases it is easy because the techniques know exactly where my bass, plugs etc. are going, and both the techniques and I can quickly see if I am missing any equipment. As an extra bonus, my equipment is almost always packed down as one of the first, after I have my new cases, because it’s so easy,” says Chris, adding; “In addition to everything having a place, my cases have also been optimized. I still have the same equipment with me, but now I have smaller cases with me, because Linde+Larsen is picky about the details, and knows how to optimize any case”.

Chris Minh Doky – The boy with the coolest gear.

“Even though I’m 52 years old, I’m still a boy who wants to have the coolest gear. We all know that feeling, no matter what our passion is. After I have received my new cases, many of my wonderful colleagues have asked about my cases, because it is the coolest gear. I have worked with Yamaha for a long time, who also think that my new cases are super cool, and know Yamaha also know who Linde+Larsen is ”, says Chris

Linde+Larsen – First Mover with edge.

“It’s not only Chris who gets something out of our collaboration, we get so much positive feedback and inquiries through our ambassadors. The most important thing for us with our collaboration with Chris and our other ambassadors is to tell that we are a total supplier with an eye for detail and quality, and that we are a first mover who loves to add a little edge to the design “, says Thomas and continues; “We know that Chris will be happy with the solutions we have chosen together, and that this is the start of a long collaboration. We look forward to 2022, where Chris and his cases are fully booked with lots of concerts around the world. In 2022, Chris Minh Doky perform in Denmark, Asia, and the USA.

Both Chris Minh Doky and Linde+Larsen will share more photos and stories from their collaboration on their social media on an ongoing basis.

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