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We have more than 30 years of personal experience in converted foam for all types of interiors and other technical purposes. Based on our experiences, we advise on materials and design of projects within any industry.
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“We always produce in the highest quality, and our creative solutions are always delivered at a competitive level. We work to be the ones that others are looking for to find inspiration.
To show and tell more about who we are, we will in the future work with different ambassadors who have the same requirements, values ​​and professionalism like us,

Martin Jensen – a young man with ambitions
Martin Jensen is a talented DJ, and his name is known on the international music scene. Martin Jensen is one of the greatest DJs in the world, and behind a long list of hits. The biggest hit “Solo Dance” from 2016 has more than 800 million plays on Spotify at the moment.
“Solo Dance” has a top20 ranking as the most played song in the world on the music service Spotify and went top20 in 14 European countries.

His total music currently has over 2.5 billion streams, and his latest streamed online concert via TWITCH: “ME, MYSELF, ONLINE” on the roof of AKKC (Aalborg Congress & Culture Center) in April 2021 was followed by more than 1,5 million worldwide.
Martin is not only Denmark’s most famous DJ. He is one of the top 50 DJs in the world at the moment according to DJ Mag (English DJ Magazine).

Martin has become one of the top DJS in the world, with hard work and his mindset, taking chances, being different, being true to himself and  of course because of his huge talent. He is a person who has a high demand for quality, perfection and control. Not only for his own, but also from his partners.
All this is very reminiscent of our approach as a company, that is why Martin Jensen and Linde+Larsen do a good match.

“When I started as a DJ, I was searching the market for packaging solutions for my equipment. It was almost impossible to find a solution to my budget and needs. I started designing and developing my own suitcases, however, it stopped quickly as I do not have the talent or time for designing and developing cases. tells Martin Jensen and continues.“

“It has been difficult for me for a long time to find a partner who could deliver the Suitcases and Flightcases that comply with my requirements for protection and design. When I travel around the world with my equipment, I need to know that my equipment will arrive safely, because I do not have backup equipment with me”.

The Meeting.
“Through several specially selected ambassadors, we have an ambition to share our work and be the ones that others look towards to find inspiration. Martin Jensen and his profile fits perfectly with ours and we share many of the same ambitions,” says Thomas Søgaard.

“I contacted Martin through my network and invited him for a meeting with no commitment, a meeting about our ideas and plans for a possible collaboration.
Martin accepted the invitation and my expectation of Martin as a person and as a talented and ambitious young man was confirmed. We agreed on a partnership, and we went ahead with the whole process,” says Thomas.

“I have been looking for suitcases and flightcases that could both accommodate my equipment, protect it and at the same time have a cool design. My meeting with the Linde+Larsen development department gave me everything I have dreamed of and a little bit more. The development department is incredibly solution-oriented and at the same time they understand how to make a cool design without compromising on the most important thing – that my equipment is protected “, says Martin.

Same equipment fewer cases
The most important thing for Martin is that his equipment always arrives safely.
Martin’s equipment is very high on price, at the same time he travels without backup equipment and it would be catastrophic if Martin had to cancel a concert because the packaging did not comply with the requirements and would arrive destroyed.

Imagine that Martin’s big online concert on the roof of AKKC in Aalborg, where he celebrated that Denmark reopened, had to be cancelled because his equipment was broken.

On the evening itself, Martin Jensen was number 10 of all streamed events in gaming and music worldwide, and it would be a disaster if that such a concert has to be cancelled if Martin’s equipment was destroyed in transport, and he would not be deliverable to the parties he loves” 

“We have delivered several different Suitcases and Flightcases to Martin, all made 100% according to Martin requirements, all 100% different, and all 100% with love to our work.”

“With the solutions that Linde+Larsen has made for me; I have fewer suitcases than before. The Linde+Larsen team has managed to optimize the design so much that I have the same equipment in less Suitcases, and at the same time, the Suitcases are customized according to my requirements and provide a quick overview of my equipment. Now I do not have to worry about whether my equipment is damaged during transport or whether I lack equipment, and then the design is cool – there is no doubt that it is my Suitcases “, Martin laughs.

In conclusion, Thomas says “We know that Martin Jensen will be happy with the solutions we have chosen together, and that this is the start of a long collaboration. We are looking forward to Martin Jensen coming up with more projects for us, where we must do what we do best.”

We listen, inspire & produce to perfection”.

Both Linde+Larsen and Martin Jensen will share more photos and stories from their collaboration on their social media on an ongoing basis.

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