Every detail has a meaning

Every detail has a meaning

Linde+Larsen was established in the area of Norrebro, in the city of Copenhagen 20 years ago, and started with 2 employees. Today, 20 years later, Linde+Larsen has grown into Scandinavia’s largest manufacturer of cases and boxes with foam solutions. But one thing is still as it was 20 years ago: Every detail has a meaning. Therefore it is time to update the Linde+Larsen logo.

When Linde+Larsen started, the market was long-term packaging solutions, which was visible in the old logo.

Today, the largest market is specially designed packaging solutions for companies, but with an increasing demand of short-term packaging solutions as well as foam for other purposes.

Together with the subsidiary NordicFoam By Linde+Larsen, Linde+Larsen has been able to meet the great demand from a market that needs packaging solutions that are specially designed as well as foam for technical use.

In 2020, Linde+Larsen launched the subsidiary NordicFoam By Linde+Larsen, which is a manufacturer and supplier of foam, technical foam solutions within sound-absorbing materials, thermal insulation, gaskets, seals and more.

Today, more than 40% of the total turnover of the company is foam, which is not mounted inside a case.

To maintain the core value “Every detail has a meaning”, Linde+Larsen has designed a new logo with the text “PACKAGING SOLUTIONS AND DESIGN” to emphasize that we do not only produce long-term packaging.

The logo for NordicFoam by Linde+ Larsen has also been renewed a bit, and we have added a hexagon to the logo to symbolize that we work with foam plastics.

“If you enlarge foam, the cells will be hexagonal, both in terms of closed cell and open cell foam and therefore we have just chosen to use the hexagon in the NordicFoam logo”.

“It is important to us that our value Every detail has a meaning is reflected not only in our work but also in our logo. Personally, I believe Every detail has a meaning and this is one of the reasons behind our growth.