Nicki Pedersen

Say hello to Linde+Larsen’s first ambassador.

Linde+Larsen is the leading manufacturer of suitcases and boxes fitted with foam-based materials in Scandinavia.

“We are known for producing in the highest quality, being efficient and creative in our solutions at a competitive price. We want to be the ones you look at to find inspiration, we want to be the ones who take chances, the ones who do what others may not dare, we want to show courage, resources, and thoroughness. Therefore, we will present ambassadors with great personalities, with the same values ​​and qualities like us”, says Thomas Sogaard, Co-Owner and Sales Director at Linde+Larsen.

Speedway rider Nicki Pedersen is the first official ambassador of Linde+Larsen, and according to Thomas Søgaard, Nicki Pedersen’s person & brand is a perfect match;

“Nicki Pedersen is a person who has worked hard for his success, he is full of energy, he believes in himself. He is also a down to earth and humble person.”

Nicki Pedersen has received specially designed transport boxes for his engines. The boxes are made as user-friendly, with protection and a nice design in mind. For Nicki Pedersen and his team these points are crucial.

“We drive many kilometers throughout Europe for races. It is important that the safety and protection around my equipment is in order “, says the experienced speedway rider and adds;

“My old transport boxes were not optimal for my team, because of many heavy lifts, and the user-friendliness was not good enough. The design, user-friendliness and protection of my new transport boxes is thought through to the smallest detail. Linde+Larsen has managed to make transport boxes that suits our needs, and on top of that with a great design”.

It is not only Thomas Sogaard, co-owner and sales director at Linde + Larsen who is excited with the new collaboration. The triple world champion Nicki Pedersen tells;

“When Linde+Larsen contacted me regarding a collaboration, I hesitated at first, but after I met Thomas Sogaard and the whole team behind Linde+Larsen, my doubts disappeared. Their professional approach and passion for their work convinced me, to this amazing collaboration”

Finally, Thomas Sogaard tells; “We do not have any goal or high expectation for additional sales due to our collaboration with Nicki Pedersen. We want Nicki Pedersen to have a great experience beyond the usual with his new transport boxes, and I believe that this will give sense for all of us to go this road together for more”.

Nicki Pedersen is a three-time world champion in speedway. He won the individual world championships in 2003, 2007 and 2008. In addition, he and the team won the world championships for teams in speedway in 2006, 2008 and 2012.

For questions or comments contact Thomas Sogaard, co-owner & sales director at Linde+Larsen email: phone: +45 3140 1467

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