Lexel Solid X48225 case

Dimensions: 480 × 376 × 225 mm

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Item no. X48225

The Standard colours are Black, Dark Blue and Anthracite.

Size chart Lexel Solid Case™

Lexel Solid Case™ is a simple, affordable plastic case made of Polypropylene, one of the most environmentally friendly plastic types. The Solid case sidewalls have been produced with a wafer structure to create even more stability.

Lexel Solid Case™ is particularly suitable as a product storage demo presentation case. The lid can be kept open for 90 °.

– A series of first-class suitcases made of environmentally friendly polypropylene.
– A range of first-class suitcases ideal for an elegant product presentation.
– Polypropylene is resistant to shock and wear.
– 4mm in wall thickness.

Lexel Solid Case™ often comes with a logo on the front for an optimal display of product or company name.

All Lexel Solid Case™ models are available in 8 different colors where box and hinge color can be combined as desired.
The standard colors are Black, Dark Blue, Anthracite

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Weight 2,97 kg
Dimensions 480 × 376 × 225 mm

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