Plastazote® LD32CN conductive foam, black

Dimensions: 2000 × 1000 mm

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Plastazote LD32CN Foam sheets

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Plastazote® LD32CN is a closed-cell cross-linked polyethylene (PE) foam product, which is available to provide increased rigidity, improved temperature resistance and improved mouldability.
Plastazote® foam is designed to offer superior performance and lighter weight.

The absence of chemical substances in the foam (nitrogen-blown) and a consistency of cell structure and density means that Zotefoams can offer the world’s lightest cross-linked foam as well as the cleanest cross-linked foam on the market.

Plastazote® LD32CN (Conductive) is an electrically conductive product which is therefore primarily used in foam installations that include sensitive electronics which must avoid static voltages
Plastazote® LD32CN foam has excellent energy absorption properties.

The foam has a volume resistivity of 5 x 103 ohms.cms and exhibits excellent pin insertion and retention properties.

The foam is very black as it contains coal to be electrically conductive and is also sometimes chosen for its aesthetic expression.

Dimensions 2000 × 1000 mm

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